Mobilclan spa was founded by Walter Bosa and Mario Pujatti in 1967 to produce timber doors and components for the furniture industry.

In 1970 the work activities moved to a new plant in Gaiarine, the present location of the company. In 1975 Mobilclan began to export to Northern Europe and, in order to satisfy a constantly increasing demand, Friulpannelli joined the group in 1985 followed by Euroservice in 1990. The main plant in Gaiarine was expanded in 2002 and in 2014 significant investment was made in machinery and improvement in production automation.

In 2006 the subsidiary company Dalian Mato Ltd. (China) started its production of solid timber doors.

In 2015 the new Mobillac plant in Valvasone was established specializing in painting MDF doors.

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