Mobilclan: il significato del Made in Italy

Since 1967 Mobilclan has been producing doors and components in either solid wood or veneered for kitchens, living-rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.

The plant of 26.851 sq.m. covered area is located in Calderano di Gaiarine (Treviso Province).

Thanks to development and automation in 2014, Mobilclan is able to guarantee the production of 7.000 pieces per day, offering a huge range of standard or customized models, across traditional, classic and contemporary styles.

Mobilclan’s extensive offer consists of two ranges of products:
– Customized solutions which are created to meet customer’s requirements based on the style, shape, size, colour, finish and packaging.
This can be for long term ongoing supply or one-off delivery as for specific Contracts or Projects.
– Stocked collections which have been created based on Mobilclan’s expertise and research into the shape, size, colour, finish and packaging. Available ex-stock with the option of items being single packed depending on our customers’ requirements.

These stocked collections offer a wide range of products to meet the highest market expectations:

Stile Italia: contemporary frontals for kitchens
Casa Italia: traditional frontals for kitchens
Country House: English style frontals for kitchens
Livin’ Italy: frontals for living-room furniture

Mobilclan is also specialized in PTO supply (Paint To Order) and JIT (Just In Time).

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